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Taking flexibility and simplicity in solar technology to a whole new level: Introducing the Sigma Tracker. By Mounting Systems.
Sigma Tracker Sigma Tracker
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The solution that leaves no question unanswered: Maximum material efficiency, solidity and construction simplicity make the Sigma Tracker the most cost-effective solution for your PV project.

Thanks to our Desert Suitability Test and pre-assembled delivery, the Sigma Tracker guarantees a cost-efficient and quick setup under all weather conditions.

Good news for investors and operators: With a planned design lifetime of more than 25 years, the Sigma Tracker is optimized against wear and tear for operation in extreme climate zones. We guarantee the availability of our systems for your solar project.

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In late 2016 Mounting Systems GmbH requested Fichtner Group for an independent technical due diligence of its Sigma Tracker product. The assessment included the evaluation of design and design tools, the entire development process, functionality and static as well as processes to determine materials and dimensions in the framework of a sample project.

The Fichtner Report summarizes the findings as: “In general and subject to specific project adaptation, the Mounting Systems Sigma Tracker system is of good quality and withstand harsh conditions. The system was developed within comprehensive procedures and tested in real life to proof the reliability of the Sigma Tracker.“

Self-locking jack
Self-locking jack
Maintenance-free abrasion-resistant dry bearings
Maintenance-free abrasion-resistant dry bearings
“We strongly believe that the love of technical details and the pursuit of simplicity are the key to perfection.” Karsten Weltzien, Head of Products & Technology
Reliable technology

maximum stability
minimum vibration

The Sigma Tracker is a single-axis tracker system combining pragmatism with technological foresight. An efficient, high-performance Siemens motor drives the innovative jack mechanism which allows for a range of motion up to +/- 45°. During development of the Tracker system, we focused on simple installation, freedom from maintenance, high static stability and the lowest possible operational vibration – along with minimal power consumption. The smooth-running, low-friction Sigma Tracker withstands wind speeds of up to 260 km/h.

Balancing extremes

projects in the desert

Low maintenance

maximum durability
minimum maintenance

The system’s profiles are manufactured from durable materials to ensure unlimited functionality and operational availability of the system even in highly corrosive environmental conditions. The advantage for developers: All electrical components and moving parts are designed to withstand extreme weather and environmental conditions and reduce interventions during normal operation to a minimum.

untreated steel zn-al-mg coating untreated steel zn-al-mg coating
zn-al-mg coating zn-al-mg coating
Low-maintenance asynchronous Siemens motor
Low-maintenance asynchronous Siemens motor
Pre-assembled, wear-free chain unit
High precision, desert-proof drive system
High precision, desert-proof drive system
“Every component counts. A combination of the highest demands on quality and the implementation of solid technical principles leads to a product that pays for itself.” Karsten Weltzien, Head of Products & Technology
Sigma Tracker Services Sigma Tracker Services Sigma Tracker Services
Manufacturing in Rangsdorf, Germany
Adapts to your needs

maximum adaptability
minimum complexity

In addition to horizontal module configurations, the Sigma Tracker sets itself apart by allowing up to three modules to be mounted vertically. Project developers can enjoy complete flexibility and optimized project arrangements, plus compliance with the standard warranty conditions of all PV module manufacturers without restrictions on the functionality of their overall system.

Torsion spindle
Torsion spindle
Clickstone-System® for quick and easy installation.
Clickstone-System® for quick and easy installation.
“Maximizing quality while keeping costs low is not a contradiction for us.” Robert Belke, Head of Construction & Services
Wired for scale

maximum scalability
minimum hassle

Dedicated control units for each tracker bundle DC string combiner functionality with control signals. The decentralized architecture results in high operational flexibility, easy and efficient maintenance with low drop-out and boundless scalability.


The Sigma Tracker offers immediate advantages, risk minimization and long-term planning security for everyone involved. Project developers and investors, planners and system integrators, insurers and owners: You will benefit from a maximum of value with minimal use of valuable resources.
Operation and maintenance
delivery of pre-assembled components reduces effort of installation and increases the system quality and long-term reliability design lifetime of 25 years maintenance-free design, tested for desert operation standard components for long service life and secured availability of replacement parts guarantee of 10 years on fixed components, 5 years on moving parts
Service management system
QR code based service workflow system available for customized O&M procedures and asset management programs itemized access to service check lists, maintenance controlling and dispatch system Siemens product management and upgrade program for drives and drive control system mechanical structure is capable of running cleaning bots
Layout, design, control system
free access between tracker rows for installation, maintenance and cleaning (truck size) unlimited design flexibility in terms of rows and “ground coverage ratio” centralized control system with wind zoning and SCADA interface flexible drive positioning for cable length and diameter optimization
Sigma Tracker
Open terrain
Orientation landscape
Orientation portrait
Framed module
Unframed module
10 Year Guarantee
fixed components

Technical specifications

Application Ground-mounted, horizontal single-axis
Foundation Driven piles, concrete foundation, screw piles
Supporting profiles Steel profile with anti-corrosive coating
PV-Modules Framed (standard 60 or 72 Cells), frameless and thin-film modules
Module layout Up to 3 portrait orientation, 6 landscape (standard modules)
Temperature range From -25°C to +60°C
Wind resistance Up to 100 km/h* in operation; up to 260 km/h* in stow position
Operation angle From -45° to +45°
Drive system 1 motor per row (max. 125m)
Energy consumption per year 58 kWh (EN 62817:2015)
Power Input 400/230 V AC
Tracking Software Siemens SIMATIC, including backtracking, customized software layout
Guarantee Fixed components 10 years, moving parts 5 years**
Protection class IP65
Certificates CE, desert suitability
* Standard values. Design solutions available for higher wind speeds ** For terms and conditions please refer to the Mounting Systems GmbH warranty services


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