Sigma Tracker
True Bifacial
Sigma Tracker

Chasing the sun, firmly grounded

Sigma Tracker Sigma Tracker

Sigma Tracker
True Bifacial

The solution that leaves no question unanswered: Maximum material efficiency, solidity and construction simplicity make the Sigma Tracker the most cost-effective solution for your PV project.

Thanks to our Desert Suitability Test and pre-assembled delivery, the Sigma Tracker guarantees a cost-efficient and quick setup under all weather conditions.

Good news for investors and operators: With a planned design lifetime of more than 25 years, the Sigma Tracker is optimized against wear and tear for operation in extreme climate zones. We guarantee the availability of our systems for your solar project.

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Enhanced range of operation

maximum functionality
minimum hassle

Single-Axis-Tracking combined with intelligent adaptive backtracking guarantees reliable operation of the PV system to maximise energy yield.

The integration of enhanced sensor technology enables continuous condition monitoring and optimized operation based on actual wind speed, snow height, motor torque and inclination differences.

First time in late 2016 Mounting Systems GmbH requested Fichtner Group for an independent technical due diligence of its Sigma Tracker system. The assessment has been updated and complemented by Fichtner Group last time in 2020. It included the evaluation of design and design tools, the entire development process, functionality and static as well as processes to determine materials and dimensions in the framework of a sample project.

The Fichtner Report summarizes the findings as:

“In general and subject project adaptation, the Mounting Systems Sigma Tracker - bifacial system is of good quality and is stable compared to other tracker solutions since every rafter is supported and held in place by the adjustment devices. The system was developed within comprehensive procedures and tested in real life to proof reliability of the Sigma Tracker.“

Adapts to your needs

maximum flexibility
minimum complexity

The flexible configuration with up to three modules in portrait distinguishes the Sigma Tracker from many other systems.
The basic usability for bifacial applications without additional costs is also an essential part of the system flexibility.

Compliance with the standard warranty conditions of all module manufacturers with regard to the mounting of PV modules is fully guaranteed with the Sigma Tracker without any restrictions on functionality.

Sigma Tracker
True Bifacial


Sigma Tracker - standard configuration
Sigma Tracker - Option: enhanced bifaciality
Ground Mount
Orientation landscape
Orientation portrait
Standard modules
Bifacial application
10 Year Guarantee
for fixed components**

Technical specifications

Application Astronomical sun-tracking,
Adaptive backtracking,
Adaptive wind mode and stow positioning,
Snow protection mode,
Plant wind zoning,
Various service modes,
PV-Modules All mono and bifacial modules,
framed or Glass-Glass-laminates
Bifaciality Optimized for bifacial use in accordance with module manufacturer requirements
Opt. enhanced bifaciality without any obstacle on entire module back side
Foundation Driven posts,
In-cast concrete,
Foot plate,
Module layout 2V, 3V (vertical/portrait),
or 4H, 5H, 6H (horizontal/landscape),
flexible string based configuration
Operation angle +/-50°
opt. +/-55°
Wind resistance up to 90 km/h* in operation;
up to 260 km/h* in stow position
Temperature range From -25°C to +60°C
Drive system Standard asynchronous motor,
Self-locking scissor jack principle
AC Power 400/230 V, 50/60 Hz,
0.55 kW per Tracker
Energy consumption 90 kWh p.a.
in standard operation
Control unit Sigma Control®
- Astronomical algorythm,
- Inclination control,
- Snow control,
- Drive control
Plant management Sigma View®
- incl. open interface to SCADA- Systems
Certificates CE, desert suitability
* Standard values. Design solutions available for higher wind speeds. ** For terms and conditions please refer to the Mounting Systems GmbH warranty services.
System integration

maximum availability
minimum interruption

Sigma Control® - the decentralized control unit allows control for each individual tracker and ensures maximum flexibility in planning, operation and maintenance.

Sigma View® - the unique operations management platform, connected via proven industrial network architecture from the market leader for automation technology, enables the seamless integration of the Sigma tracker into every SCADA system.

Low maintenance

maximum durability
minimum maintenance

The system’s profiles are manufactured from durable materials to ensure unlimited functionality and operational availability of the system even in highly corrosive environmental conditions.

Movement-relevant components are of course pre-assembled and checked in-house and delivered fully operational.

All electrical components and moving parts are designed to withstand extreme weather and environmental conditions and reduce interventions during normal operation to a minimum.

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Manufacturing in Rangsdorf, Germany


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